We are running several experiments in our lab. You can collect money (8 € per hour) if you participate in behavioural or eeg experiments and (13 € per hour) for fMRI experiments. If you are a student, you can also receive VPH (Versuchspersonenstunden).

Right now, there are some experiments running. If you want to participate, please enter your e-mail adress, so we can contact you!

Experiments at our lab:

Experiment Notes Duration How to participate
fMRI experiments 18-65 years old; very good german language skills; no psychological/neurological pre-existing conditions; please bring your glasses/contact lenses if needed; no metalic/eloctronic implants; no retainer; no tattoos or permanent make-up; not pregnant; no claustrophobia 1 - 1.5 h Please send an email to catarina.amado@uni-tuebingen.de for more information
Behavioural Experiment 18-65 years old; very good german language skills, please bring your contact lenses/glasses if needed; no claustrophobia 45-60 min Send an email with some proposed dates and times to ec-experiment@inf.uni-tuebingen.de