Visual information processing in perception and action

Winter term 2017

Guests are welcome! (i.e., if only a single talk is of interest to you, please feel free to stop by for this specific session). Please note the slight variations in room and time.

2017-10-20 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
2017-10-27 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Klausurtagung Informatik
2017-11-03 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Julia Burkhardt / AG Gais: The effect of neurofeedback training on memory performance / (MSc theses/planning)
2017-11-10 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
2017-11-17 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Sascha Meyen: How should the indirect task advantage (ITA) be interpreted? (Preparation for TeaP conference / Deadline: 30.11.)
2017-11-24 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Alexander Blöck / AG Spüler MSc-Arbeit: Das SSVEP unter nicht wahrgenommener Stimulation / (MSc theses/planning)
2017-12-01 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Carole Franck / AG Kirsch MSc-Arbeit: Klassifizierung von Alltagsgegenständen (MSc theses/planning)
2017-12-08 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Iris Zerweck: Discussing current (cool) data
2017-12-15 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Sascha Meyen: Detailed re-analysis of papers with indication of an indirect task advantage (ITA)
2017-12-22 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
2018-01-12 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
2018-01-19 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Catarina Amado: Interesting stuff on fMRI, EEG, motor behavior.
2018-01-26 Fri 14:15-16:00 NOTE ROOM CHANGE TO A302:
Iris Zerweck: EEG and unconscious processing
2018-02-02 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Note: This talk is postponed, stay tuned:
[ Alexander Blöck / AG Spüler: Das SSVEP unter nicht wahrgenommener Stimulation / (MSc theses/results) ]
2018-02-08 Thu 16:15-18:00 Schleichstr. 4 Room 4326:
Prof. Dr. J. Zehetleitner and Dr. M. Rausch (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt): Subjective visibility vs. decisional confidence: Two distinct subjective measures of visual consciousness
2018-02-09 Fri 14:15-16:00 A104:
Carole Franck / AG Kirsch MSc-Arbeit: Klassifizierung von Alltagsgegenständen (MSc theses/results)

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