Frieder Göppert

Frieder Göppert

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Experimental Cognitive Science

Sand 6 / room F232

72076 Tübingen



E-Mail: frieder.goeppert (at)

Office hours: by appointment (please send me a short email)

Research interests

I am generally interested in statistics, machine learning and theory of science as well as their links to the field of cognitive science. Currently, I look at Bayesian methods and their limitations.


I studied Cognitive Science here at the University of Tübingen. During my bachelor I worked as a student assistant for the statistics lecture in this group and subsequently wrote my bachelor thesis with Sascha on optimally combined classifiers. In my master thesis at the Theory of Machine Learning group I examined explanation methods for black box models. Now, I am pursuing a PhD in the Experimental Cognitive Science group.


  • Meyen, S., Göppert, F., Alber, H., von Luxburg, U., & Franz, V. H. (2021). Specialists Outperform Generalists in Ensemble Classification. arXiv preprint