Sascha Meyen

Sascha Meyen

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Experimental Cognitive Science

Sand 6 / room F239

72076 Tübingen



E-Mail: sascha.meyen (at)

Phone: +49 (0)1578 52 58 556

Office hours: 13:00-15:00 (send a short email beforehand)


I apply Information Theory to reseach on human consciousness.

Several influential papers claim that unconscious processes convey more information than conscious processes. But their evidence for this claim is based on a problematic methodology. I re-analyze their results and conclude that, contrary to the claims, there seems to be little to no evidence that so-called 'unconscious' processes convey more information than conscious processes can.

I investigate in a confidence-weighted majority voting context to how surprisingly much information participants have conscious access.


I studied Human-Computer-Interaction (B.Sc.) and Psychology (B.Sc.) simultaneously and after that Informatics (M.Sc.) at the University of Hamburg. Starting with my master thesis I worked at the Theory of Machine Learning and Experimental Cognitive Science groups in Tübingen. Now I work as a Ph.D. student in a joint project between both groups.


  • Meyen, S., Franz, V. H., & von Luxburg, U., (2017, April). Classification accuracy and mutual information in psychological research. Poster session presented at Machine Learning Summer School, Tübingen, Germany.

  • Meyen, S., von Luxburg, U., & Franz, V. H. (2018a, March). Reviewing evidence for superior unconscious processing: Do we really perceive more than we know? In G. Hesselmann (Chair), Perception: Visibility and awareness. Talk session conducted at the meeting of Tagung Experimentell Arbeitender Psychologen, Marburg, Germany.

  • Meyen, S., von Luxburg, U., & Franz, V. H. (2018, April). Reviewing evidence for superior indirect discrimination performance. Poster session presented at Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1233 ”Robust Vision” retreat 2018, Reutlingen, Germany.

  • Meyen, S., Zerweck, I., Amado, C., von Luxburg, U., & Franz, V. H. (2018, August). Reviewing evidence for superior visual processing without awareness: Do we really process more than we can know? Poster session presented at the European Conference on Visual Perception, Trieste, Italy.

Inspiring Quote

"A true scholar does not look down on others for what they do or do not know. Those who know impart knowledge to those who do not. If something is wrong, those who know the answer correct it. The process repeats, bringing us closer and closer to enlightenment. I teach my students with the expectation that one day, they will surpass me. I long for the day when I will have the chance to learn from them." (Square Enix, 2018)