picture of iris zerweck

Iris Zerweck

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Experimental Cognitive Science

Sand 6 / room F116

72076 Tübingen



E-Mail: iris.zerweck (at) uni-tuebingen.de

Office hours: by appointment (please send a short email describing what you want to talk about)

Research interests

I have a scientific background in Technical Biology. During my master´s I specialized on neurobiology and psychology. I always had a keen interest in human perception and behavior. Therefore I am very interested in the human visual system and visual perception.


I studied my bachelor´s and master´s in Technical Biology at the University of Stuttgart. I wrote my master thesis about visual attention to different food cues measured with mobile Eye Tracking. Now I work as a doctoral student at the Experimental Cognitive Science group.


Zerweck, I., Meyen, S., Amado, C., Franz, V. H. (2020). Can we process task-irrelevant stimuli better than task-relevant stimuli? The case of number- and line-stimuli. (Talk session accepted for the "Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen" (TeaP), March 2020, Jena, Germany)

Zerweck, I., von Eltz, M., Kao, C., Meyen, S., Amado, C., Klimm, M., Franz, V. H. (2020). Effects of number priming on task performance: No evidence for preserved unconscious processing (Poster presented at the GK Doctoral Symposium on Cognitive Science, 23.1.-24.1.2020, Tübingen, Germany)

Zerweck, I., von Eltz, M., Kao, C., Meyen, S., Amado, C., Klimm, M., Franz, V. H. (2019). Is there evidence for unconscious processing of digits? (Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of Vision Sciences Society (VSS), 17.5.-22.5.2019, Florida, USA)

Zerweck, I. (2019, February 20). The bossy brain. (Talk given at the Science Slam as part of the "Doktorandentage", 20.2.-22.2.2019, Tübingen, Germany) [Video]

Zerweck, I., Meyen, S., Amado, C.,Friedrich, F., Franz, V. H. (2018). Evaluating methods in visual tasks: Confidence ratings convey more information than binary responses. (Poster presented at the "41st European Conference on Visual Perception" (ECVP), 26.8.-30.8.2018, Triest, Italy)

Zerweck, I. A., Meyen, S., Friedrich, F., Grethen, K., Franz, V. H. (2018). Unconscious processing of numbers: How important is the response format? (Poster presented at the "Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen" (TeaP), 11.3.-14.3.2018, Marburg, Germany)

Hummel, G., Ehret, J., Zerweck, I.,Salazar Winter, S., Stroebele-Benschop, N. (2018). How eating behavior, food stimuli and gender may affect visual attention - An eye tracking study. Eating Behaviors, 31, 60-67. DOI

Hummel, G., Zerweck, I., Ehret, J., Salazar Winter, S., Stroebele-Benschop, N. (2017). The influence of the arrangement of different food images on participants’ attention: An experimental eye-tracking study. Food Quality and Preference, 62. DOI